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Your grandfather's math textbook. If you have an out-of-copyright math text, please consider lending or donating it to Karl's Calculus Tutor so that I may transcribe into an online pdf file.

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Enter the tutorial (below) or search this website for a calculus topic. You will find coverage of limits, continuity, derivatives, related rates, optimization, L'Hopital's rule, integration, and much more. There are dozens of problems worked out for you step-by-step. If you are having difficulty with a calculus topic, you are encouraged to go to the appropriate section, look at the text, and then follow along with the worked problems to learn how you can do similar problems on your own. There is also remedial coverage of algebra topics, number systems, exponentials, logs, trig functions and trigonometry, if you are in need of review on these topics. Email help on math problems is available, but please read the instructions for emailing me first.

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Section Index

1) Number Systems
2) Limits
3) Continuity
4) Derivatives
5) Applications of Derivatives
6) Exponentials and Logs
7) Trig Functions
8) More Tricks with Derivatives
9) Practice Midterm
10) Integrals
11) Methods of Integration
12) Applications of Integrals

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A Word of Advice to the Math-Flustered

Whenever a problem has you baffled, listen to your mind's quietest voices, for you will hear the solution in their whispers.

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Acknowledgement: I am indebted to my high school physics teacher, Art Hovey, whose lectures decades ago had a profound influence on my own problem-solving thought processes, and whose methods of teaching I have endeavored to reproduce on many pages of this tutorial. Click on his name to get to his own web pages, which include links to his high school physics class notes that he developed over 33 years of teaching.

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