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Section Index

1) Number Systems
2) Limits
3) Continuity
4) Derivatives
5) Applications of Derivatives
6) Exponentials and Logs
7) Trig Functions
8) More Tricks with Derivatives
9) Practice Midterm
10) Integrals
11) Methods of Integration
12) Applications of Integrals

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From B. Cherkas at CUNY:

Table of Contents

Please note that Karl's Calculus Tutor is still a work in progress. Expect a new unit to come on line every month or so. Currently being drafted: Applications of Integration (Areas)

Special Interest and Optional Pages

Quadratic Polynomials || Cubic Polynomials || Quartic Polynomials || Hero's Formula || Einstein's Formula || Log Base 10 Tricks || Measuring the Earth || Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Away || An Object Falling through Air || Proof of The Intermediate Value Theorem || Proof of The Extreme Value Theorem || Rational Unit Circle Points/Pythagorean Triples || Multi-variable Polynomial Long Division || Intro to Lagrange Multipliers (vector calculus, PDF file) || Online Calculus Courses ||

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